Our team

Principal Investigator

A/Prof. Toan Dinh is currently a DECRA Fellow of Australian Research Council (ARC) and an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering, affiliated with Centre for Future Materials and Centre for Health Research at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), Australia. He received his Ph.D. from the Griffith University in 2017, followed by a postdoctoral training program before joining UniSQ in 2019 as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor). His research interests include Micro – and Nanomechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS), physics of semiconductors, sensors, and wearable electronics. He has published over 100 high-impact journal articles, including Science Advances, Nature Communications, and many other Nature indexed papers. Prof. Dinh has secured various distinguished fellowships and competitive research grants, including ARC DECRA and ARC Discovery Projects. He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia (FIEAust).

Prof. Toan Dinh


Dr D. H. Mudiyanselage​

Associate Lecturer

PhD students

Mr H. Nguyen

Thesis topic: Thermal coupling effect of 3C-SiC/Si heterostructure for sensing in harsh environment

Ms L. Tran

Thesis topic: Deep learning assisted ultrasensitive SiC sensors for physical monitoring

Mr D. V. Nguyen

Thesis topic: Engineering silicon carbide nanoarchitectures for ultra-sensitive and robust sensors

Ms N. Ashrafi

Thesis topic: 3D printing of Metal/Ceramic hybrid Biocomposites for Multifunctional biomedical applications

Mr J. O. Giraldo

Thesis topic: Electrically controlled electrical conductivity of semiconductors/materials with nano-interfaces

Master students

Mr S. Raj

Thesis topic: Artificial Intelligence Methods for Prediction of Atmospheric Visibility and Air Quality to Support Aviation and Health Sectors

Mr A. Varghese

Thesis topic: Harvesting mechanical energy using semiconductors for self-powered sensors

Mr A. Chinnadurai

Thesis topic: Harvesting mechanical energy using semiconductors for self-powered sensors