Prof. Toan Dinh
NameToan Dinh
PositionAssociate Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
SectionCentre for Future Materials (Research)
LocationSpringfield Campus
Phone+61 7 3470 4420
Email[email protected]
QualificationsBEngMecht HANU , MScMecht HANU , PhD Griffith

  • Microelectromechanical Systems (Mems) ( 401705 )
  • Manufacturing Engineering ( 401400 )
  • Mechanical Engineering ( 401700 )
  • Functional Materials ( 401605 )
  • Materials Engineering ( 401600 )
  • Microtechnology ( 401410 )
  • Medical Biotechnology Diagnostics (incl. Biosensors) ( 320602 )
  • Medical Biotechnology ( 320600 )

Research areas:
• Micro/nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS)
• Physics of semiconductors
• Sensors for harsh environments
• Soft actuators and robotics
• Stretchable and wearable electronics
• Biosensors and bioelectronics
• Energy harvesting (light, mechanical & thermal) and self-powered sensors

Current research:
His group’s research aims to enhance the understanding of semiconductor and nanomaterial properties and design new structures for use in sensors with higher sensing performance. Another research objective of the group is to transform these rigid materials into flexible and wearable sensors that can adapt to the curvature of the skin, enabling the monitoring of human health with greater accuracy.

Research awards (selected):
• 2021, Research Excellence award for Early Career Research (ECR), University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
• 2020, ARC DECRA award
• 2020, Top 40 Australian young researchers, The Australian
• 2020, Research Excellence award for ECR, Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences, USQ
• 2020, Highly Commended for Research Excellence award for ECR, USQ
• 2019, Micromachines Outstanding Reviewer Awards
• 2019, Finalist, Fresh Science Queensland
• 2019, Publon Top 1% Reviewers in Cross-Field
• 2018-2020, Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellowship
• 2018, Australian Nanotechnology Network Overseas Travel Fellowships
• 2018, Best paper award in 5th Int. Conf. on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (co-author).
• 2016, Best paper award in Int. Conf. on Nanotechnology Nanomaterials in Energy (co-author).
• 2016, Best paper award in Int. Conf. on BioSensors, BioElectronics, BioMedical Devices, BioMEMS/NEMS and Applications (first author)

Research projects (selected):
• 2024-2026, Lead Chief Investigator, ‘Thermal engineering in semiconductor heterojunction for space transducers’, funded by Australian Research Council (ARC), ARC Discovery Projects $471,767
• 2022-2023, Chief Investigator, ‘Versatile Physical Property Measurement System for South-East Queensland’, funded by Australian Research Council (ARC), ARC LIEF $586,779
• 2022-2025, Chief Investigator, ‘Nano optoelectronic coupling: towards an ultrasensitive sensing technology’, funded by Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Project $585,000
• 2021-2024, Sole Investigator, ‘High-performance sensor technology for corrosive environments’, funded by Australian Research Council (ARC), DECRA Project $440,675
• 2021-2022, Chief Investigator, ‘Energy efficient wireless sensor network for real-time flood monitoring’, funded by DFAT/CSIRO (Aus4Innovation) $400,000
• 2019-2020, Chief Investigator, ‘Superior Sensor Network (SSN) for Harsh Environments’, funded by Foundation for Australia-Japan Studies $144,573
• 2018-2020, Sole Investigator, ‘Ultra-sensitive Sensing Technology Utilising Nano SiC/Si Heterostructures’, GU Postdoctoral Fellowship $242,000
• 2019, Sole Investigator, ‘Opto-thermotronic phenomena in SiC nanofilms for high-performance temperature-sensing nanodevices’, GU New Researcher Grant $10,400
• 2018, Sole Investigator, ‘Micro/nano resonators and resonant sensors’, Australian Nanotechnology Network Overseas Travel Fellowship $8,000
• 2017, Lead Chief Investigator, ‘Development and characterization of self-sensing SiC micro/nano resonators’, Griffith/Simon Fraser University Collaboration Grant $13,600

The Australian Nanotechnology Network

  • Centre for Future Materials (CFM)
  • Centre for Health, Informatics and Economic Research (CHIER)